The Hummingbird is Back!


Every summer my husband quietly boils a sugar water mixture, gives it time to cool, funnels it into a brightly colored feeder and – waits.

He keeps on the look out.

He occasionally asks: “Have you seen the hummingbird? Is he back?”

And then – seemingly when my husband has given up hope of the return of the hummingbird …. I hear a joyful pronouncement!

“The hummingbird is back!”

The man to whom I am married is many decades old now – but the voice that I hear? The voice of a very happy – child.

Where is your child-like wonder?

Are you still curious?  Playful? Excited to learn and observe and try new things?

Where is child-like wonder showing up in your life? It isn’t? You’re “too old” for that?

You’ve been around and seen and done so much?

It’s a challenge to impress you, eh?

When we are growing and experiencing life with the naive and open eyes and ears of a child, we are thriving. We are fully present in this very moment of life.

When we settle, tolerate, close ourselves off from new challenges and teachings, we are – well – dying: dying in the sense that we have decided that we no longer should or can live with that enthusiasm and joy and excitement of a child.

Have you given up on yourself and your continuing capacity to learn and grow?

It is a new day, a new season of the year and yes, a new time in your life.

Isn’t it time to make way for the hummingbird?

Sign up to learn something new!

Explore your own backyard, as if you were 10!

Challenge your curiosity!

Make time for simple joys.

Baking – bicycling – birdwatching.

Singing – swimming – star-gazing.

Ah! the wonder of the world.

The excitement of a hovering bird.

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