Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You


Eleanor Roosevelt said it.  Stops you, doesn’t it?  Why be scared?  What’s that about?

Courage.  Where in your life is a little courage required?  Every day do you exhibit the “courage of your convictions? ” What is holding you back?

Some winter mornings it takes courage to merely lift the covers and brave the frigid air.

Some days it is scary to actually do what you know in your heart of hearts you simply – should – be doing.  We fall into patterns of comfort.  The inner voice soothes, “It’s okay….. you are all about service to – others.  Take care of the children, take care of your spouse, take care of your mother, take care of your boss.  Oh, you’re the boss?  Take care of your clients.  It’s okay….. ”

Braving the scary, showing courage is also making time for yourself.  Prioritizing: your health, your time for creative expression, your calling to sing or dance or meditate or take a walk in the woods.

It may be scary to tell a bully in your workplace that you don’t work that way.  Every one merits respect – we who work here – we exhibit the courage of our convictions!

Courage may be taking to the treadmill to get that heart-rate up.  Courage may be diving into the cool waters of the pool, stroking, kicking, keeping the pace with fellow determined lap athletes.

I have one son who has shown the daily courage needed to switch his academic focus, transfer from one of the finest music academies in the world, pursue his passion for science, put in the time to become conversant in the languages of physics and astronomy and calculus – and still carve out time to challenge himself to play an ever more complex cello composition.

Another son has been showing daily courage by taking the graveyard and pre-dawn shifts at work and never giving up the fight to successfully launch his messaging app.

His twin brother has been showing daily courage by physically and mentally training to enter the armed forces and then living the rigorous life of an enlisted man.

Are you doing “one thing” each day that scares you?  Keep in mind – your scary is someone else’s “no big deal!”

When you flip the scary to the conquered or mastered or completed, life is exciting, yes, and brimming with fresh possibilities.

Brave the Boo!  and smile – Casper is a friendly ghost.  😉

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